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we are brand creatives

Creative Analysts. Social Media Strategists, Coders, Finishers and End Game Tacticians. Together, we build your brand brick by solitary brick and revel in your success. Because in the end, it is indeed all about you.

Fully Focused

Creating a successful brand that truly communicates with your audience is all about assembling the right touch points. Simply putting a logo on your product is not the solution to creating a culture around your brand that customers will embrace. Please use the ENGAGE section of this site to enquire about hiring us to brand your project.


Our commitment to our clients, our vision and philosophy is paramount. Stimulated by creative intelligence and aesthetic beauty, our philosophy is to create unique works of art that capture and communication the character and personality of the client. Focused intently on building movements on behalf of our clients and their audience, we create brand experiences and devlop campaigns through materials, events across multiple platforms (web, print, mobile and social media).


500 Javas & Espressos
200 Music Downloads
300 Projects Done
100 Satisfied Clients

exceptional service

There is no cookie-cutter answer to branding. What is essential for one company can be completely inappropriate for another. Assessing what a company needs and when is no small part of creating an effective brand that serves the consumer and the company. Here are some of the expertise ECMG Creative provide as part of the branding process:

  • Brand Development 100%
  • Corporate Identity Design 100%
  • Print & Package Design 90%
  • Apps Development 75%
  • Photography 90%
  • Web Design/UI(promotional and eCommerce) 80%

Meet The Team

A distinct group of manic perfectionists, we possess an elegant set of award-winning skills and expertise that keeps our clients satisfied and our prospectives in confident anticipation to work with us.

  • Tonia Weiters

    Brand & VIsual design

    Tonia uses her exacting standards to focus on elevating the message, image and emotional connectivity of businesses to communicate deeper, sell more, and become recognizable brands.

  • Telecia Edwards

    marketing & Print Design

    Telecia holds the trifecta of design, analytics and marketing prowess. She balances them daily by managing our marketing and print design team as well as being our vendor relations point.
  • Alan Smith

    App design & development

    A.I. faciliates all of our mobile applications from concept through testing and development, and implements the clients' messaging into our final designs.

  • Christian Rey

    Social media

    Chris is a tour-de-force in managing all things sociable including her team of researchers, contacts and direct connects.

we are ECMG Creative Studios

Brand Thyself or Be Labeled. Period.


Branding strategy

A powerful product must be complemented with exceptional branding. Our design team will help you create and develop it.

Video Production

Our entire world has always been movement, three dimensional and vibrant. Let our shooters capture the essence of your message.

cross platform app Development

Pick a platform and let us map out your idea, code the concept, multiply your customer base and help increase sales


We design beautiful responsive websites and focus on effective content and great user experience.

Android and iOS apps Development

We conceptualize, implement and develop mobile apps clients need to extend their business.

Videography Production

Your vision deserves video production that speaks to your brands authenticity and your followers.

Identity & Branding

Engagement is the key to branding. We build quality campaigns that develop loyalty and trust.

User Experience

Our interfaces are well thought out and consistently tested because our clients deserve the best.


Quality product needs to be complemented with great branding. Our design team can help.


Nothing is written in stone. Hieroglyphics prove otherwise, as do the headstones.


Don't just see. LOOK! Visionaries find because they look past what they see.


8 Billion and still counting. No two of us are alike. Isn't that AMAZING? Embrace that about you. We Do!

We're BOLD

Use ALL of it! Nothing is lost. We can use that (and often do)!

our Clients

We work with great brands, incredible clients & close partnerships that allow us do world-class work.

Give them a concept and either it is exactly what you had in mind or totally beyond what you expect.

Renee Daniel Flagler - Best-Selling Author

Everything is insanely beautiful, even the spreadsheets! They don't just create brands they literally build them".

Valarie J. Taveras - The LIQ New York



There was an annunciation: Let there be light! As so it still is. Our work reflects that light and the millions of colors that emanate from it. From conception to completion our work speaks to the very best of our clients and their relationship with their clients and their contributions to the world.


Every now and then, it's time to speak up! We use our voice responsibily by giving you quality content on everything from the "what-not-to-do's" of marketing and promotion to upcoming events and special features. If it its going on in our industry, we have something to say about it. Be sure to visit us weekly.


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