Why You Need a Website or Least You Think You Do

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So you think you need a website. Sounds like a game show, right? But the seriousness of the topic is all but. The question to ask is why? Then the question becomes a series of whys when considering a website for your business, product or event. Whether it’s a simple landing page or a full-scale website with the bells and whistles, the finished result should always be clear, concise and as functional as possible. Those are the bare bones of a website. And answering questions like these is building a strategy that works toward the overall goal for your sites existence:

  • Why should we have a website?
  • Why should we build it ourselves?
  • Why should we have a professional agency build it?
  • Why should we invest and can we afford to?
  • Why now?

What are the goals for our company or organization website?

What you want to do is look in your industry, notice the trends, select what best works for your business and customize to the hilt. This is the core of it all: to make it your brand, your everything.

Depending on your line of work, your market may or may not be flooded with competitors. The concept is simple: to differentiate from the others. Present your unique selling proposition in a way that is laser-focused on your brand that easily translates into being a viable resource for those looking for your business.

The only reason to have a website—which is a 24 hour portal to your business, service or event—is to promote your business and build relationships.

Pass the Blink Test

Your site should say what it needs to in the least possible time. How much I that exactly? 3-5 Seconds, tops! Much like blogging and micro-blogging the key is to make your point quick. Use the top half of the site to attract, capture and convert by optimizing your information: This is who we are, what we do, how we do it and let’s connect or stay in touch. NEXTTTTTT!

Say Hello

Use the rest of the site to introduce to some and re-introduce to others your brand, the way it works and how it works for your audience of new and current visitors. Make your site vibrant and responsive. This way, no opportunity is missed to be seen and to make an impact on any device viewing your site.

Make an Offer They Can’t Refuse

Always, make an offer. You wouldn’t invite someone to your home and not offer them something to eat, drink or even change the television station to make them comfortable. The same should be done for your website. Always have a freebie, or download (whitepaper, eBook, podcast, etc.), where information that resonates with them they can use and apply easily.

Keep Your Visitors Engaged

Let your site visitors know what your organization is doing, what’s going on in your industry and inviting them to comment or create an action that invokes a response regarding both. This is done this by posting content and need-to-know-info on a regular basis. Everyone enjoys an info-hack that can quickly and easily help them in their day-to-day. This builds trust.


A crucial key in business bar none, is to deliver on whatever promises are made. For us, at ECMG we double-insulate ourselves by over-delivering. It works. Give your audience of prospects and current clients more than they expect and they will continue to return. Even with other options, white-glove service is never forgotten.

So if you think you need a website you probably do, especially if you’re expanding your business, promoting a new product or service or even yourself. But the having a strategy by asking the whys is critical because drilling them down into one clearly defined answer is actually your goal for the site, altogether. Stay focused on that ONE goal, build your messaging around it from content to images and your audience will connect with and value your brand as the go-to for your industry.