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For a website to achieve success, it is very important that the portal places a specified conventional for the content that will go on the website. This will assist it maintain the quality on the everyday basis by creating engaging content. To this end, social media houses gain their style guides well prepared which discuss all aspects of the content that go on their sites. The style guide is subsequently followed by all the writers/contributors of the portal. This helps the website carve an extraordinary niche for itself, and develop a certain image in the mind of the audience.

Benefit for having a standardized content guidelines

  1. It makes it an easy task to convey to modern and existing writers in regards to what kind of articles they are required to write
  2. It increases and upholds quality
  3. By regularly providing articles written from a definite point of view, the tips allows audience build realistic expectation from the portal. Thus, achieving the standard will not be difficult, and nor will be keeping audience engaged
  4. New writers will find it easy to understand the tone of the portal
  5. Readership of the portal will not get affected if establish writers leave, as new ones can easily take their place.

What all should be there in the content guidelines?

  1. Profile of an ideal reader.
  2. The tone of articles
  3. Mood an article should create.
  4. Writers’ guidelines to bring consistency to the article published on the website.


  1. Guidelines for topic selection.
  2. Guidelines for research and source identification
  3. Guidelines for grammar consistency
  4. Guidelines of keyword usage
  5. Image inclusion guidelines and sources from where we can take images for articles without dragging the website in any legal suit.
  6. Style guide for all the articles that will deal with the following issues.
  7. Grammar
  8. Sentence structure

Viability of idea

  1. How informative and original the article is
  2. See if proper keyword has been used at right places
  3. Check the structure of the articles
  4. Article formatting guidelines
  5. HTML tag usage guidelines
  6. Headlines and Title tag usage guidelines
  7. SEO and Keyword tag usage guidelines
  8. Publishing guidelines

Along with that a portal should also have a content strategy which should include the following:

  1. What kind of articles will go in which section and what will be the tone of voice.
  2. What will be the length of each article? Lengths of the article should be varied to get SEO edge and to improve the engagement.
  3. What time the article should be published? Timing of publication is very critical. There are studies that suggest that at certain time people in certain age-group are more active on the internet. If a perfect timing is matched, the readership will increase.
  4. Which piece of content will go live on which day and in which section? This depends largely on who is being targeted. TA will be aligned with the timing and day of publication
  5. Social bookmarking guidelines for maximum visibility.

Creating an engaging content is not very difficult once you have your content strategy and content guidelines in place. The style guide you will create will help you keep your readers engaged by providing them the content they need, in the manner they understand best.