Thought of the Day-Enthusiasm 

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Thought of the Day: Enthusiasm

“Nothing great was ever achieved without Enthusiasm” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

We all have them: great hopes, dreams and goals to achieve but they were never meant to be daunting but, rather executed with enthusiasm, gusto, and stick-to-it-iveness!

Enthusiasm lights up your day-to-day because it is grounded in inspiration with the sheer will to just get it done. Throughout your day, make a concerted effort to enjoy what you’re doing…BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY, but especially…being happy about it! Now that’s a challenge even for the best of us!

Be Engaged and STAY that way! If you are totally engaged in what you have to accomplish with zeal and excitement it really doesn’t feel like work anymore. Continue to set your goals, task lists and timelines and make sure you implement a plan that includes enjoying it while you do. Whether it be listening to your favorite music, taking a little two-step to break up the monotony, or simply enjoying your Two Seconds to Happy board on Pinterest*, enjoy your working and “The Work” becomes A Work, that even you will be be astonished by!

Enthusiasm proves clearly that It’s not the journey, but destination that counts. Be blatantly enthusiastic towards your achievements and some of them you might just exceed. Your work will have a deeper meaning, because you haven’t just been “taken to tasks” just for the sake of getting it done, but enjoying the process as you do.

Match Task with A “Happy” When you set your goals try applying a task that involves something you enjoy with it motivates and inspires. For example, when pulling together preliminary art for project I’ll usually have a song that is emblematic of the project playing in the background. Something as simple as music can increase your sense and focus. Sometimes, it’ll make me you laugh but the end result shows up in the integrity of the design.

Let your zeal and great enthusiasm influence you a positive way and it will impact the was you craft your work for the better! Even, on a Monday!

*By the way, everyone needs an out from stress! Check out our video blog, to find out how I created our 2 Seconds to Happy Pinterest Board.

Pictured: Taraji P. Henson, 2016 Golden Globe Winner