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The 58th Annual Grammy Awards Ceremony was televised last night and did not disappoint. Ok, that depends on who you speak to. But, from where we sit there’s the good, the bad and what we could’ve absolutely done without. Let’s see if we see eye-to-eye on these.

Pitbull is a tremendous contribution to the music business. Not only is he an incredible performer but his business acumen should be part of every entrepreneur’s arsenal as a case-study. So it pains me to ask, what in the world was Mr. Worldwide thinking?  Robin Thicke. Hunh? We remember Paula! We saw the look-alike. And the answer is still NO! Sophia Vergara? You’re hot. We get it. Knock it off.  Pit? That was bad—because you were killing it on your own. This was the ColdPlay-Beyonce shenanigans in reverse. It just didn’t work.

IGPNG_0012_pitbullsophia-vegera Grammy's 2016: The Good, The Bad, And What We Could Have Done Without

John Legend dancing…We could have done without. Why? Just why? Don’t one-two-step. Just sit, write, play, croon, repeat. Legend is truly a gifted musician, writer, arranger and vocalist but that thing he calls dancing to the beat (or not), hurts my feelings. We love you, but no. This is not a good look. AT ALL. Hilarious.

IGPNG_0011_john-legendlovatolionel-richietyrese Grammy's 2016: The Good, The Bad, And What We Could Have Done Without

Johnny Depp and the Hollywood Demons Vampires

Point blank:We could’ve done without that. Make no mistake, the good people at the Grammys are on to the illuminati theorists. So, throwing a bone (ergo, this “group”) for good measure is just what they do. Nothing’s ironic with them, however: like Adele-record-breaking, number one world artist at this juncture-yeah THAT Adele’s microphone cutting out (yep, we saw that), a lot of hidden messages in costumes, and propaganda regarding what else but sex, drugs, rock n’ roll? Chris Rock was right, “…go to church. NOW!” Is it completely meaningless? Mmm? See the illuminati-theorists weigh-in across town on YouTube.

IGPNG_0010_Justin Grammy's 2016: The Good, The Bad, And What We Could Have Done Without

Justin Bieber barely made this list because who doesn’t love the epic shade song: Love yourself? We could’ve done without the collaboration with Skrillex and Diplo, and certainly we’ve could’ve done without the River Dance across the stage. What does he want to be? He’s exhausting. But then again, he’s just being Justin. We’re giving this a good, bad and completely meaningless. In reality, only a true superstar can do all three at the same time and still come out on top…whatever that means.

Epic Moments

Lady Gaga and Niles Rogers tribute to David Bowie

I would be here all day if I had to discuss everything that was right about Lady Gaga’s performance. From creative direction, to her voice, to her costumes and her performance over all–it was unreal. If it is at all possible for someone to stand up  in their grave and applaud as if they were losing their minds, I believe that is what Bowie did. She embodied that man! An absolutely incredible feat that no one, and I mean no one else could have done. That was like the Aretha Franklin moment when she took over for Pavarotti, or The Beyonce-Prince Performance. Gaga’s performance was that kind of moment that no one, ever forgets. She is legend.

IGPNG_0005_Maurice-White Grammy's 2016: The Good, The Bad, And What We Could Have Done Without

Pentatonix and Stevie Wonder tribute to Maurice White of Earth Wind and Fire was a bone-chilling performance.

Stevie’s brief but powerful moment that both poked fun and Steve Harvey which everyone missed and emphasize awareness of the need to be inclusive of the disabled. We take for granted things like touch-screens and even reading an award card for granted. Not everyone can do it, but in this day of innovation we cannot afford to leave people behind because of what seems to be a disability to us. Stevie is living proof that genius hides in the most unlikely people.

LL Cool J once mentioned that when when he first met Stevie for the first time they were parting ways when Stevie you gave him his number and told him to text him. (yes you’re thinking exactly what LL was thinking): is he serious? And of course, Stevie burst out laughing saying “No, for real. Text me, I got people for that!” And in that moment of laughter, the uneasiness goes away. But it’s definitely something we should think about. If in Georgia, they can pass a law that blind people can now carry guns don’t you think it’s time for us to seriously consider our technology to be as inclusive? Just saying.

IGPNG_0002_ll-cool-j Grammy's 2016: The Good, The Bad, And What We Could Have Done Without

And that was a perfect segue to LL cool J who did a fantastic job as usual of hosting the event. But his facial expressions were legendary. He was laughing at people without laughing. He was looking at the camera as if to say I KNOW it but I can’t say anything. Feel me? It was fantastic.

EVERYONE who participated in the BB King Tribute. Truly very, very good.

IGPNG_0000_taylor Grammy's 2016: The Good, The Bad, And What We Could Have Done Without

Taylor Swift being happier for Kendrick Lamar than he was. We were looking at the screen as if to say, Girl, you didn’t win! HILARIOUS! 2. Taylor Swift for being Taylor Swift 3. Taylor Swift for her brilliant and truthful speech, well deserved. I finally realize why, she is so very loved. She is a super-fan of MUSIC. She dances in the aisles to the music she likes. She cheers on others, to no end. She writes her own music, reads music, plays instruments, sings like no one else and performs like every little kid does in front of the mirror on a Saturday morning. When it was time to address the foolishness–she did it with grace and the perfect pitch of what is called “Son-ning” that boy who has clearly, lost his mind who’ll be remembered as nothing else but Mr. Kardashian…at least for now.

Note: The term, “boy” is used to isolate his childish behavior and continuous blatant disrespect to women, and children for that matter. In terms of Taylor? She is a child to him. What is the threat? You wouldn’t hear him talking to Eminem or Beanie Siegel, because he knows better.

IGPNGkendrickname_0004_kendrik Grammy's 2016: The Good, The Bad, And What We Could Have Done Without

Kendrick Lamar… For simply being Kendrick Lamar. His message “We Gon’ Be Alright” was and will probably always be an anthem for those whose voices are least heard and highlight the truth that many refuse to hear what I forced to because their children have to teach them…through music. Artists like him are the reason why I will always be a music lover. It can be used to speak proactively about what’s going on without being negative in enforcing the point. The truth never changes only people do. He is the epitome of dream of the Nina Simones, Sam Cooks, Marvin Gayes and Bob Dylans who spoke openly about injustice for all.

Hey, It’s New To Me

These are the groups that I’ve never heard of before that I instantly became a fan of:

IGPNG_0001_alabama-shakes Grammy's 2016: The Good, The Bad, And What We Could Have Done Without

Alabama Shakes

It ain’t the Harlem Shake but, let’s face it anyone who could scream to the top of their lungs, then say repeatedly,  “Look! I don’t want to fight anymore” is a friend…at least in my head. The fact that this woman can destroy an electric guitar like no one’s business is equally impressive.  Love the background story as well. Just a year ago she was a postal worker? What? Going postal’s got a new look and a Grammy to boot. Congrats. Yep, that’s Good!

Tori Kelly: The Little Girl With The Huge Voice

Two words: She’s bad. Rock on. Because she is completely indignant with both instruments she plays: her voice and her guitar. She makes it look effortless. Not over-produced and just organically pure. Loved her performance (duet with James Bay).

Who We Missed (What-Had-Happened):

grammys2016_0007_RHIANA-2 Grammy's 2016: The Good, The Bad, And What We Could Have Done Without

Rihanna! Honestly, I didn’t even realize she hadn’t performed until I got bored. And out of my mouth came the two words: Where’s Beyoncé? Blasphemous–for me, I know. But, the Grammy’s are legendary for having a space or two that leave my eyes glazed over. I can’t quite put my finger on it. Then, at the commercial break; like the skies rolling back to answer my prayers,  it was announced that she would be presenting Record of the Year.

grammys2016_0008_Run-DMC Grammy's 2016: The Good, The Bad, And What We Could Have Done Without

Why was run DMC’s lifetime achievement not televised? Especially since they made a concerted effort to put the rap category first? It was just weird not to see Drake or Nikki Minaj there because they still move a lot of units.

Over all, the Grammy’s did a good job of putting the musicians first. We lost a lot of legends but they studied music, which is more than I can say about a lot of these folks in the industry today. Bravo.