Rebrand Your Business: Why It’s Perfectly OK

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For the record, it is absolutely okay to rebrand your business. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it. In fact, when I don’t see brands that aren’t evolving all it is cause for concern: Everything changes. A certain level of progression that comes along with your brand with your company, is expected.

ECMG rebranded and positioned our shows here on YouTube because we didn’t want to pigeonhole any other company, individual, or whoever stops by to see what it is that we’re doing. That the way we do things is ONLY way that it can be done because that’s simply not true. With thousands of products, offers, and affiliates on the web, how can that possibly be true?

Each brand is different.

Each company is different. And of course, the way things are handled within those businesses are different. One of the reasons why we said, “Let’s just take the training wheels off”, was to let everyone know that your company deserves everything. That means all the resources that are available for you to accomplish and exceed your goals. Whatever it takes, it should be made available to you. That is our intent.

The resources to rebrand and launch are out there!

The problem is there’s so much information out there that you can overload. In the Biblical sense, you can be found getting tossed to and fro, between all kinds of winds and doctrines, teachings, seminars. This only leaves a trail littered with jack-of-all-trades and masters-of-absolutely-nothing.

We want you to become Branding Specialists.

We want you to be able to say, “okay, I see this opportunity as something that’s going to work for us. We’re going to dedicate X amount of time in order to figure out and if it doesn’t work within this frame, then we’re going to move to the next thing”.

Be a Problem Solver.

We always want to come to you as a solution. Any businesses that doesn’t, should rebrand themselves immediately.

As an entrepreneur, or inventor, solopreneur and someone who owns different businesses, you must understand that your job is very simple: to find a need and fill it.

And there’s nothing that isn’t special about it. You see a need that you can fulfill and you do everything in your power in order to get that done. To be the best at it!

Provide Value.

We will continue to providing our audience with strategies, tactics, and assist during the implementation process. Expecting the unexpected, despite the preparation you’ve done to get your business off the ground, is wise. It’s in those moments clients get to see what your company is from the inside.

Be Transparent.

Transparency is a rebranding initiative many companies have taken with the emergence of social media marketing. This too, creates revenue for businesses like yours to take advantage of. Being overwhelmed by the bottom-line isn’t the way to get there. Our goal is to get you out of that, for good.

Entrepreneurs defy the odds, by doing what they really love to do!

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