Ban, Block, Filter & Trump [Unwanted] Tweets

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So here’s what to do if you want to block, ban, filter or dump Trump from your timeline on Twitter. A special shout-out to Rena Flores of for her article How to Block Donald Trump From Your Internet, Thorin Klosowski for his article Hide Promoted Tweets, Trends, and Accounts with These Extensions, and the developers at Clarion for their chrome extension that we all can use in order to facilitate this Trump Ban of deplorable tweets.

All of this came out of our desire to filter out all of this nonsense that’s going on, across the web. Relax people, this job is TEMPORARY. The executive order to ban a faction of people is disheartening, as is what else has been happening and said, in the name of security.

Productivity First

One of the things that we pride ourselves on is being able to increase our productivity. When that productivity is infiltrated by so much of cynicism, and disrespect; directly affecting the tech industry, we all must shield ourselves from this kind of mayhem that continues to go on—unchecked.

Gauge Whether Your Ban is Justifiable

We went to validate whether what we wanted was justified. Sometimes shutting this kind of venom down, immediately may be in error if not researched properly.

• Go to
• Plug in the terms, keywords, or accounts we want to filter
• Measure the number of most recent posts to your satisfaction

We then found that there were a number of posts that were enough to let us know that others shared our sentiments.

Here’s how you can ban these tweets fast. This way you can get your timeline cleaned up and steer clear of distractions while on social media.
• Go to
• Look up Clarion in your search bar
• Add the extension to bookmark Chrome (blue button)

How It Works

Once saved to your system the button will turn green and read “Added to Chrome”. Notice here that you will not need to provide your credentials for either Facebook or Twitter. While we are going to be talking primarily about Twitter, this does filter out some things in Facebook as well.

Qualifying factors for a good app/extension
Very good reviews (at least 4 stars)
• The more recent an upgrade the better

This usually is your barometer as to the quality of extensions you need.

Click on the extension in your bookmark bar. This opens to the open source site that’s nice and clean. Here you can filter promoted tweets, specific hashtags and profiles from being seen on your account profile at all.  Note the following about how tweets are trending. Sponsored Tweets appear at the top of the trends section and marked as such. Top Performing Hashtags among your followers appear next with their names. Organic Hashtags will give you the number of times it’s been posted.

So how do we feel about this Executive Order to “Ban”?

We’re based in New York City. Diversity is all we know. So, when people are painted with a broad brush, it wreaks of prejudice, which we reject completely. When these preconceived notions are pumped in and onto our screens, in the break rooms and lobbies shrouded as “breaking news”—it affects/infects us all. Our industry is known for attracting some of the most brilliant minds on the face of the earth. A bit of that died this weekend. When we thought about blogging about this it was long and hard. But enough is e-d*mn-enough. We should all be diligent about our business. We cannot do that unless we disallow ourselves to be bombarded with this ridiculousness.

Give Peace a Chance

We’ve given Donald Trump a chance as Dave Chappelle brilliantly said a few weeks ago on Saturday Night Live, as well as so many others. But, giving peace a chance has greater odds and implications. It’s been said “if you a pray for peace, then prepare for war” and that’s exactly what seems to be happening. It is a sad day in this country where marginalizing people is something that we’re expected not to resist, from the top. No. We’ve come too far. It’s ironic that we live in a country that was basically hijacked, then a few hundred years later bans others from coming for the same reason they left their place of origin. And be clear, we were not all immigrants. Immigrants come of their own volition. [Pause]

For Best Productivity Accept No Negativity

Last year we wrote a blog about accepting no negativity of any kind. Read it! When we’re constantly inundated with so much venom, it’s important to know how to disengage because it is dangerous. We’re doing our little bit on this side of the internet to make everybody’s life that much easier. That is our contribution. In the end, the “world-wide-web” is still just a global community trying to help one another. No matter how bleak things may appear, things are not as they seem.

***Also, if you know of any other extensions or apps that we and our audience can use in order to block on Facebook, Twitter or any other platform please feel free to post them in the comments below.