The Great Know They Are Before Anyone Else

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I Am Great, yet I Am humble. It’s an incredible way to describe one’s self, but…we need more. The statement itself does leave one to ask what…? Well yeah, “what makes them so great?” That’s all it takes: one simple question. If enough people are interested, you’ll eventually build an audience to sing the virtues of your greatness. But, what if you’re just starting out and don’t have that audience?

Well you’re in a great place to understand this: You are already great. Wired to do exciting things while making a major impact on the world and in the lives of those around you. This, you must know before diving into anything. In this short-read, we’ll give you the process of unveiling your greatness on and off-line.

Be great by perfecting you—Not to be confused with being perfect or having the perfect pitch for your product. But, being the perfect you involves knowing. Knowing what you’re doing. Knowing how you’re doing it and most importantly, why.

Always “be perfecting” what you do—Perfecting/Greatness is a process. For the sake of presenting yourself or your brand online, you will have to. It’s the same when you’re doing this on line. Greatness is defined by not just identifying with or being inspired but the actionable items taken as a result.

Social media’s perfect ground for greatness. It continues to teach us how to do this in the least amount of time. In other words, the greats make their points quickly and with the most impact in pics and posts. Your social media profiles should reflect you/your business best. What are you selling? To whom? Do you know your audience?

Know Your Audience. Customize the message that it becomes personal to them. For example, On Valentine’s Day, we’re 100% sure that the gift and message you send your wife is totally different from the one you give your mother. Treat your audience the same way.

Focus on the big picture. But how can you do this? Meet them where they are. Everyone wants and needs encouragement, to be motivated, encouraged on their path.

You DO have something to say. If you were born with a mouth and learned how to communicate, you qualify. What interests you, really does interest others. Just do a quick search on youtube. Enter the most ridiculous subject you can think of…it’s got an audience. So can you.

Develop your message. From professional speakers to social media sweethearts, all will tell you: the more it’s done the easier it becomes. So be sure to get in front of your audience as often as possible. Blog, post, podcast, create videos. Find what methods work best for you and be sure to stick to it. Do not expect fame overnight. Being great is a process. Practice is perfecting, meaning it’s constantly working toward what’s always there: you!

So, what the great already knew they were before everyone else. That in and of itself is the kind of leverage that proves that it isn’t just what you know, but when you knew it and how it is parlayed into every facet of your work/life experience.

💡Here’s a quick list of what methods can help best:

Be Confident: If you don’t know you, how can you communicate this to others? #learntoday

Prepare & Organize: Write it down and Map Out a Schedule

Fear not: When you speak on issues that interest you, the fear subsides

Don’t waste time: Remember You May only have a few minutes. Strike

Be consistent: A few times a week

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