Create The Story of Your Future And Tell It

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“If you want to know what your future looks like you must create it.” At least that’s what Abraham Lincoln said. But, many have no idea how to do this because through jumping the gun of getting your business models together, mission statements while meeting those deadlines, we’ve forgotten to take stock of what we really want.

Thou Shalt Create!

The freedom agencies like ours enjoy, is the creative process. Whether through surveys, feedback or well-defined brainstorming sessions we have the ability to literally become children during recess again. In that, we totally abandon any notion other than what we’re focused on, which is in from of us.

THIS is what Einstein meant by “creativity is intelligence having fun!” It’s the marriage of arts and science for a common end. This involves defining and becoming crystal clear about what that end is, who it’s for and create as many avenues it may take to connect the business, promo or personal endeavor to the audience. Even an audience of one.

Whatever the endeavor, you must see and say it

What the purpose of it looks like, you must render a voice to it because it increases its probability of becoming real. It’s not just a matter of faith, it’s a matter of focus. You cannot set goals without an end result to aim for. Faith is believing it before you see it. But even belief is based on what you know, even if it’s only within you. In both cases, this must be worked toward. Once this is done, you will see results. With results, you now have the ability to measure. Once those results are measured, you have the option of scaling up, down, and/or adjust.

Telling your future’s story gives it a life of it’s own

Whatever line of business you’re in or goals you’ve set for yourself, understand this: human beings respond to the story. We are connected by experience. We are as a collective, territorial and clique-based. The more we tell a story that we’re familiar with and that drives the purpose, the more while literally bringing our audience to us. Take this blog, for example, it evolved from a meme/post from a connection to on Instagram.

  1. From it, came our own branded post that you may have seen or not.
  2. We repeated it on Instagram,
  3. Again on this blog,
  4. Again on Twitter,
  5. Again on Facebook,
  6. Again on Youtube, and so on
  7. Then, we continued to promote it aka “the loop”. The loop is what we call using the same platforms at different times of day to promote the same post. While no two are the same the posts are built around the messaging.

Why? Because our goal is for everyone that comes across our web or social sites. We serve as a reminder that we all have what it takes to get from here to there, wherever that is for them. It takes a bit of grit, gumption, and patience to see it through. This is the ultimate giveaway.

Sadly, some will discredit this as daydreaming

…and ‘faking it until you make it’. If you’re creating it, you’re already making it are you not? 🙂 Those individuals we, unfortunately, all know too well. They’re also the ones that you’d probably wouldn’t ask for help if you need to. There will always be naysayers but you do not have to be a part of or infected by them and their venom (that’s what it is, you know). Your future including that of your business/career is yours to create. No one else is responsible for it. So, take a moment to construct a future that is certain…by creating it yourself and keep telling is as your success story.


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Tonia Weiters | @iammsone

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