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Even though your message should always provide some solution to a problem you’ve identified and could not find, entrepreneurs must never abandon their vision for creating the perfect business. This is where the messaging for your brand comes from. If you lose your focus on why you started, to begin with, you’ll be driven by everything else and always pulled in many different directions.

Entrepreneurs must never abandon their vision for creating the perfect business because the basis of the business is where the messaging for your brand comes from.

The question most entrepreneurs will receive is, tell me how you did it?

  • How and why did you start your business?
  • What events prompted it?
  • Was it because you couldn’t find your service the way paying clients deserve?
  • Or was it because your product didn’t exist at all?

These aren’t just questions to be whizzed by for the sake of completing your business models. This information actually can breathe life into them. From the gecko that represents the insurance company to the neighborhood friendly representing Pine-Sol, people don’t just buy into brands anymore. They buy into people. People are connected by experiences…the story told through your business’ philosophy. They are the “why” of the business.

If you lose your focus you’ll be driven by everything else.

Never, ever, ever let up on your focus. It should be the singular driving force of how things are carried out, maintained and if it must come to an end, it will end just as it started. And don’t cringe at the notion of selling your business at some point. If you play your cards, I mean run your business a bit too well, you’ll have collaborators and partners, who’ll want to buy the business for perhaps millions, or close to it.

The most important reason never to abandon their vision is because it is the main reason to begin building a business in the first place.

It should always be top-of-mind. If it’s top-of-mind for you, it will be top-of-mind for your audience. The success of small businesses worldwide should be your proof. Don’t believe me?

Name That Company [Click the Link for the Answer]:
  • A social media platform for college kids to stay in-touch with family and friends while away at school.
  • Casual shirts that look better untucked especially for casual Fridays.
  • How about, ahem…underpinnings that don’t look like your granny’s.

These super-simple ideas have made millions and even billions of dollars for their inventors.

So what’s your deal?

Whatever it is incorporate it into the story of your business and connect. Connect and stay that way! Not sure how? Start a live feed right now on Facebook Live, Instagram, Snap Chat and tell your companies story. Then cross-promote it if you’re unable to syndicate them.

While the basis of how the business came to exist is where the messaging for your brand comes from, your messaging ought to always provide a viable solution to a problem, you as an entrepreneur must never leave your vision behind. It is meant to create the business that you exist to perfect.


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