The Marketing Gurus Aren’t Telling You This

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In 2019, I think it goes without saying that the terms “marketing guru” and “digital entrepreneur” is the most oversaturated, sought after “title”. Everyone wants to be a successful CEO, have some Mega-Corp and be able to fund everything they want to do with their life. Perfectly understandable. Dreams are good. Goals are better (that’s if you really want it). Most of us have dreams of grandeur, success and some level of influence.

Here’s How You Get Got!

Herein, lies the issue: 99% of us run into and that the alleged marketing gurus don’t want us to ever realize. All of what I mentioned? It’s a pipe dream. The self-appointed marketing gurus are doing so well because their business model is to first sell you a dream with cars, expensive clothes, mega mansions, etc.

Second, they sell you on the “do-what-I-did-and- you’ll-get-what-I get” methodology. This doesn’t always work for a number of reasons; Main reason being, they are NOT you. But, YOU are willing to be like them to get what they have which is an entirely different conversation. Fact is, you can do all they do, and still see zero results. Another reason, NOTHING is ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL.

What Works For You?

I detest the miss-use of the words marketing guru because I know the word guru’s origin. This alone is disrespectful to certain faiths. To marketing in front of it is blasphemy against an entire industry! Some of these people are selling you advice that worked for them 3 years ago, 2 years ago, 1 year ago. Things have changed in the last six months! Even those that are selling you advice working for them RIGHT NOW, it may not necessarily work for you. Even if you have an identical business with a slightly different personality.

The truth about these so-called marketing gurus is that unless they are able to look at every single aspect of your business, your expenses, your daily routine, how YOU’RE feeling, how desperate you are for new business, how your internet is, what kind of computer you’re using, etc. ALL OF THE SMALL DETAILS, they do not know what will work for you.

Some will boast by telling you that to sit with them personally, for their service is north of $45,000. For WHAT? IS Beyonce and Blue Ivy Performing? I’m serious, though. And businesses pay it.

The small details do make a difference in the roadmap they are NOT selling. What you need to do is take a moment away from all the noise, the advice, the ads, the youtube videos, take some time to step back, give your brain a reset, and think for yourself for a little bit to figure out what would work best for you! Use creativity, the truth behind the business is that it’s actually all super transparent and obvious. The things that work are the things that you look at and say “there’s no way, that makes TOO much sense for it to work”

Don’t Get Got, This is A Gamer Alert!

I might just be on a rant, or because it’s hot and sticky here in New York today. But it’s annoying to see all these self-appointed marketing gurus that just pop up, game people for common sense. Seriously, some of you are the people making them rich for common sense, you’ve gotta think for yourself at some point.

Shameless plug…we give away free content almost every night on The Gram @ecmgroups. Go through the archives and 90% of what we discuss is what these gurus are commanding upwards of $500 for. Why? Because you “like” them? I love chocolate ice cream. I love Denzel Washington (same thing). I have NO. BUSINESS. WHATSOEVER. being with either of them every day for the foreseeable future. None!

They’ll Give You Just Enough, Pookie…But You’ll Be Back

But, what these folks will do, is talk to you about what works in bits and pieces so you’ll continually have to buy from them. repeatedly. And make no mistake, that Bundle? Has a Bundle! It’s Hilarious but, they’re laughing to the bank with your money.

Let’s provide a solution, shall we?

Whatever happened to people just being cool? Level-headed? And putting you onto a path that’s just right for you, your business? What you should be looking for is a professional or team of them that can delve straight through your issue, give you a diagnosis, prognosis, and a follow-up or option to follow-through-with-you plan so you can reach and even exceed your own goals. This way, you don’t feel like you’ve been “had” or taken advantage of after you’ve made your investment. Does that make sense?

The bottom line is, most want their business to succeed. That means attracting more customers into your establishment or offers by building a rapport with them by being in front of them as the solution that makes sense to them. It’s that simple. What’s NOT so simple is developing a strategy and implementing it effectively, consistently and dare I say, automatically. Automation is your friend!

Want fame? Fame is fleeting. Fortune? It comes in all packages…be very careful. But, if you want success. You will work for it with no exceptions. And you shouldn’t want it any other way. All of it costs. And right here is where you start paying in sweat.

Don’t spend your last on strangers with a following on social media that you cannot reach out you when you need them after you’ve paid them hundreds, thousands for a program. Look, I am a consultant. I have TWO coaches for my long and short term goals with communities they’ve afforded me to be in. And guess what? My coaches? They have coaches. We all have access to each other. Do not go into business alone. It leaves you dangerously vulnerable and yes, gullible to some of the nonsense parading itself as influence, expertise and experience. It’s a spectacle.

In order to be great, you must learn continually. You don’t necessarily have to pay for in dollars, but within circles, communities and tribes of people that are like-minded enough to recognize that success is the collective goal. But, independent enough to think outside of the box and have a family of business friends that can nurture those ideas.

Want to be a digital entrepreneur or a guru? Learn from the original context of word guru…it is a [Holy] book of wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Be that, [one] brand that encompasses these without seeking fame, or notoriety. But for the purpose of helping others navigate their endeavors. What is it that you or your business does well? Do that promote that and continue expanding on that knowledge in the process. And your audience will come. Be what you’ve always been, the solution to problems that need solving.

Invest wisely in yourselves, Beautiful People.

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