Why are you not doing your absolute best to stand apart from your competitors and your colleagues? In business, it is the things that make you different that makes the difference. That’s not sales spiel or any other manufacturer to you? Get clear with that with your business, and your offer annual be good money, let’s go. 

When clarity is it enough are we clear? Well if not, we’re about to get clear about your offers and your messaging because when you do that, you will be cooking with gas. So, today we’re going to get real clarity on your offer because a confused buyer does not buy. If you’re struggling to figure out your message, and unclear about who you serve, this is for you because this is going to also help you clear with your message.

 So, let’s getsome clarity on your offer. Simply, because the goal is always to impact, empower, and transform the outcomes of your perfectly aligned clients. These people and businesses are those yours can assist by increasing sales, growing their business, while doing the same for you; becoming fulfilled by serving those to whom you’re called to serve. 

So let’s get right to it. Here are four tips that you can use.

Tip #1: Clarity On Your Offer

What is it that you love that you’re passionate about? Entrepreneurship can be difficult; it can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. You want to make sure then when you wake up, you are excited to go to work. If you’re going to be an entrepreneur, you better be doing something that brings you joy, excitement and fulfilment through service to others. 

So, how do we figure out what the market wants and what they could use from you? How do we best serve them? Here I have a great tip that you can use all the time, and it works. I mean it really works. 

So, let’s say for example you produce soaps why can you make eco-friendly soaps let’s say so here’s what I would do I will go ahead over to Facebook I would go into a group. I would look for something that is eco friendly then inside of that Facebook group. 

There, you can start a search the discussion and put in any keyword that you want to contribute to that conversation why and you’re going to get all of these people that have the same interest and what you do specifically. 

So, that’s a great way a fast way an easy way and did I say free yeah a freeway that you can get in front of clients and customers that are ready for your product and service or your offer another one is 

Say you are an Instagram expert and you popped into an entrepreneurial Facebook group. You typed in the word Instagram you will see where your ideal clients are you can ask their questions answer their questions fulfil their needs and let them know that you’re available for work. It’s not just excellent market research, but it’s a beautiful way to see exactly how people who share your interests engage with one another. You can also replicate this on platforms like Pinterest in YouTube that also use keywords and have excellent search engine optimization that you are looking for so you may not have an audience. Still, it’s OK because even that is no longer an excuse not anymore. 

Tip #2 Naming your Offer 

Let’s not get crazy. I’m going to repeat it! Let’s not get crazy. This is not the time to get crazy. I see so many that have these crazy names that are misspelt, spelt differently or even in a foreign language that they don’t even speak. Knock. It. Off.

We want your program and your product and that folks know what it is and what it does because you want to help them get their problem solved. You want this to be explained clearly. So, when they look at the title, it doesn’t have to be defined. It doesn’t have to be deciphered. It is what it is.

 One of my most successful signature programs was launched with something super simple people looked at the name, and they figured out exactly what it meant. And this is what I want for you as well. So please keep it simple and find a name that will help your audience understand what your product actually does. 

Tip #3 Put The Horse BEFORE The Cart 

Build the sales page first before you even create the product, build the sales page first. I know it sounds completely backward, but it’s just like writing a book, in fact, Wayne Dyer used to do this for every book he wrote he wrote about 30 of them. And his reasoning for doing this is if he had the professionally laid out and designed cover of the book that it was subconsciously letting him know the book is already written. And all he needs to do is blow into the pages. But for the rest of us commoners, we learned way back in our school days that there’s a structure to the way your book is written from the synopsis to the outline to the characters their traits and their experiences etc. it all has to be mapped out first. 

When you write that sales page you are figuring out exactly what the benefits of your program or your offer is or are you have that overview, and it will help you to create that product or your program one of the best happy strategies we use is to 1st identify the problem of our clients Anne, not the solution but the consequences of not resolving that issue. When you do it this way, and you’ve identified anywhere between 3:00 and 5:00, or even more you will begin to see that the copy writes itself literally. 

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Tip #4 Go Deep Into The Specific Ocean 

It annoys me when people sarcastically say “you’re too deep”. Hell yeah, I’m deep! I want lobster. I want shrimp!!! And all those fish do not intentionally come to the shore unless they sick. People like you to go deeper. Especially now. One of my worst projects or products that I ever created was one of those. Here’s the thing: people don’t want surface level from you or anybody else. Most problems that you are going to endure are not surface level. If you want to earn more, go deeper into their level of pain, and you’ll be paid handsomely. 

My coach recently put up a statement that said people would pay you $100,000 a year to show them how to make $100,000 a month. What is your problem? I love her, and I submit the same to you. People will go deep and deeper when they want to get the right, long-lasting results. Results that pay them repeatedly without that fulfilling need results that make them feel good. 

Go into the deep. When you go into the deep, there are some questions I want you to ask. Always ask what’s the significant, bold promise that you are going to give your private clients? As the solution as the problem solver the answer itself, what are you going to give to them? What is something they want to accomplish within a specific period of time, and can I over-deliver it? 

Make sure that you know what that thing is and that you will give them their desired results without fail because what will happen when you do this they will become your promotional team without you having to pay them a dime. Results sell more. Word of mouth still works oh please believe it. 

So here’s a bonus tip for you. Survey your audience no matter how big or small you have people that you can survey just ask them a few questions. Language is important the biggest thing that you want to find out is how they articulate their problem or their issue.

 You want to figure out the words that they are using you want to make sure that whatever they’re saying that their biggest problem is a confirmation of what you already know they just might be saying it differently. Make sure that their biggest struggles are reflected in your offer in the language that they use because a lot of times it might not be your offer but the way you present that offer that makes all the difference. 

The language that we use on our sales page and email sequences video we offer in the same language, the way the clients or the audience have expressed their problem areas and their areas of struggle. And that’s the way we use surveys and order to create the copy around the offers that we give them. 

And finally here’s just a word about being clear about your message. First, what you want to do is distinguish what makes you different. When I first came into the online space, and to some extent, even now I’m very behind the scenes. I’m more of a doer than an exhibitionist. Still, I’ve learned that if you’re going to be the face of the brand or the voice of the brand, then people want to see you. They want to connect right, but who it is that I’m called to serve will be severely underserved if I don’t show my authentic self. 

Be who you is and not who you ain’t bc while you’re trying to be somebody else the world misses out on who GOD CREATED YOU TO be.

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