Are upscale brands responding to your content in the way you want them to? If not, maybe you need to rethink how you present your company to upscale brands and customers. If you don’t know where to start, why not try these five tips to get the attention of luxury brands?

Choosing Your Niche

What if you could tap into a niche where there are people who are willing to pay for premium experiences? Or, better yet, what if you could tap into a niche that’s actively looking for ways to purchase luxury goods? Choosing your niche for luxury buyers means micro-niche mastery because they demand unique experiences. This isn’t about finding niches with lots of money and spending big bucks on ads just so you can get noticed. Instead, it’s about getting your message in front of customers who already want your product or service—customers who see value in over-the-top experiences. And when they start shopping around, they can tell at a glance whether your brand is worth their time or not.

 One of those niches is corporate gift buyers. According to a Gift Services National Consumer Study, about 3 out of 5 executives admit they have a hard time selecting gifts for their employees and clients. As a luxury service provider, you can offer these buyers exquisite corporate gifts that are so special and unique, they stand out from all other offerings in their market. But first, you need to know how to engage them so they’ll pay attention when you do get in touch.

From Premium to Over-the-Top: Another option is focusing on premium buyers who want elegance and class with their experiences rather than luxury items like vehicles or jewelry.

Gaining A Deep Understanding of Your Audience

To stand out from all of your competitors, you need a deep understanding of your audience. You want to be at least one step ahead, for example: when you know what kind of content they like and how they communicate with it. If you are going after affluent clients, your content needs to be beyond belief and match their elegant experiences. Take time to get a deeper understanding of them and their behavior before publishing anything online. Ask yourself: -Who is my perfect target? -What do they expect?

 Use your network, LinkedIn or Facebook groups to ask people directly what they’re -interested in. Whether it’s a white paper on a recent trip, a podcast about a specific subject or an infographic about your niche: what are you passionate about? What do you know better than others? Show them through your content that you understand their world and that makes you able to help them solve problems. It’s OK if some of your audience is not ready for premium luxury – getting in touch with more affluent groups can be just as rewarding. Imagine reaching those clients who prefer everything over-the-top and like true experiences rather than ordinary business transactions. Getting started with high-end clients isn’t easy, but it can pay off greatly when things work out right!

Creating Inspirational & Informative Content

You have to walk the talk to get premium brands to notice you and then take a closer look at your services. So if you want luxury clients, content is the place to start. It’s all about creating inspirational and informative content that covers areas like market trends, business leadership, aesthetics and design trends (to name a few). Take Starbucks as an example: they publish numerous articles each month covering topics that range from the arts and community involvement to the importance of independent coffee roasters, including their own coffee masters. By doing so, they’re able to showcase their dedication—and unique perspective—while giving buyers valuable information. This strategy also shows how far your reach extends into other industries—thereby proving how well suited you are for growing organizations with similar needs or interests.

Using Lead Nurturing Tactics

When a luxury brand is seeking out someone to help them manage their marketing and social media efforts, they want that person to be able to give them assurances that all will be handled well. To get a luxurious brand’s attention, you need help-focused content strategies and sales-oriented lead nurturing tactics. The ultimate in nurturing upscale clients is assurance that all is handled and done well—that your business has an elegant experience for your customers. It should be so seamless for these high-end customers that there are no gaps between lead generation, nurture campaigns, and closing deals.  The perfect blend of leads and nurtured prospects gives luxury brands confidence in your abilities to handle their accounts, so when it comes time to hand over their money (and reputation), they won’t hesitate.

Asking for premium prices is easier when you have premium services or products. High-end brands are looking for more than just value from those who sell to them; they expect experiences worth paying more for, which means we have to go beyond merely asking our audience if they’re ready to pay more now. Instead, we have to provide examples of how higher price points can make life better in ways our audience values.

Accelerating Sales Cycle With Automation Tools

As sales cycles accelerate, we must deploy automation. Now, that doesn’t mean putting a never-ending amount of calls on auto-dial or abandoning outreach altogether. But it does mean using tools like Salesforce automation and marketing automation software to identify high quality prospects, qualify them and nurture them through your pipeline. And if you want those prospects in a luxury client’s seat? It means being available when they need you with live chat and dedicated customer service 24/7 (or as close as possible). So make sure your clients get top-notch experiences throughout their entire experience – from premier content all the way through point of sale. That’s what keeps them coming back for more – luxury clients who will have your back year after year.

 Automation tools are an invaluable part of achieving flawless execution. The right automation can ensure that you’re only talking with potential clients who are more likely to buy, so you don’t waste time and energy chasing leads down blind alleys. And if your sales funnel is divided into steps (which it should be), automation can enable prospects move seamlessly from one step to another, getting closer and closer to becoming a client each time. Salesforce automation provides you with a complete view of your sales pipeline so you know what’s happening when, while marketing automation software keeps your leads warm and interested without relying on manual outreach or coverage.


So if your company’s upscale content isn’t generating as much interest from luxury brands as you’d like rethink how you position your brand in front of luxury retailers and consumers. Start by not only considering these five ways to get luxury brands to notice your upscale content but by implementing them fast. Book an appointment with us to help you get started now. We’re here to help!


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