50 Ways Your Digital Products Can Have A Massive Impact

You’re sitting on a goldmine! The algorithm knows it, your data shows it and your sales welp, they speak for themselves. Your templates, how-to’s and in-depth trainings are worth thousands of dollars! You’re in a multi-trillion-dollar business of education in a digital age. Don’t undervalue yourself.
But the dire warning is, don’t think about how much income you can make FIRST, but how much of an impact you’re making in the world.

What if your digital product could…save people 10x the amount
of time it would take them to do it themselves?
Teach people something they were never taught in
school that changes their life for the better, for good?

What if your PREMIUM PACKAGE could….
Help someone else make an extra $1,000 a week???

What if your could….
Introduce a new way of thinking that leads to massive breakthroughs in a person’s life or business for massive, major, monstrous impact?

The bottom line is, when you make a massive impact, the rewards will follow.
And in the digital age, there are more ways than ever to make a massive impact with your offers, round the clock.

Here are 50 ways your hot digital products can have a massive impact on people’s lives:

1) Teach your audience something new that they were never taught in school, would cost them a fortune
2) Help them save time by doing it for them or showing them how to do it themselves
3) Help them make more money (and save them money upfront)
4) Help them get in shape or improve their health
5) Help them meet new people, make new friends and create influence

6) Help your customers learn a new lucrative skill
7) Help them overcome a challenge they’re facing in their life
8) Help them better manage their time or improve their productivity
9) Help them reduce stress or anxiety in their life
10) Help them feel happier and more fulfilled in their life

11) Help buyers understand themselves better
12) Help them be more successful in their career
13) Help them start their own business that brings them joy
14) Help them grow their existing business
15) Help them make better decisions in their life (preferably that yields an income)

The productivity hack space is HUGE. Being the go-to for easy how-to’s that increase revenue is a no-brainer for most solutions-based brands. #thisyoucando

16) Help clients become masterful leaders
17) Help them become brilliant organizers in their life or business
18) Help them quickly get and stay out of debt
19) Help them achieve financial freedom fast and honest
20) Help them retire early, whenever they want

21) Help prospective customers travel to places they only dream of more
22) Help them spend more time with family and friends
23) Help them learn how to invest or trade stocks
24) Introduce them to a new hobby or interest that just happens to pay them very well
25) Help them improve most aspects of their relationships

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26) Give your audience ideas for thriving, new businesses, income, and wealth streams
27) Help them develop new offers buyers and clients can’t get enough of
28) Help them brand and market their business that reeks of success
29) Help them get more qualified, targeted web or foot traffic into their business or transform social media followers into buyers that keep buying more
30) Help them write a best-selling book, then books into series

31) Help customers create a formidable online course that cannot be duplicated
32) Help them launch a highly-profile successful podcast
33) Help them grow their own influence across social media, media and the world
34) Help them become a world-class photographer or videographer
35) Help them or their children learn how to code at genius-level

36) Help private clients masterfully design the most sought-after, stunning websites and graphics
37) Help them drastically improve their public speaking skills
38) Help them easily learn how to play a musical instrument
39) Help them produce quality music that the whole earth welcomes
40) Help them create insatiable art that sells itself

41) Help supporters make a massive impact in their community
42) Help them make an unstoppable difference in their world massively
43) Help people in need that have a burning desire to win!
44) Help animals in need and institutions/charities that help them
45) Plant trees or help with environmental conservation efforts to undo the harm we’ve done

Imagine your SIGNATURE OFFERS helping….
organizations transform even more lives directly in your community?

46) Provide scholarships to students in need whose drive is massive, mighty impact
47) Support charities, and causes you’re passionate about; knowing, it’s the place that breaks your heart
48) Positively make a MASSIVE IMPACT in groups of people’s lives Every. Single. Day.
49) Help make their world a better place by financially securing their present/immediate future; leveraging the pain of their past (Drive)
50) Help people to ultimately achieve their dreams, have the power of choice and enjoy their lives

If you do any of these things and create sales systems that work even when you’re off the clock, that sell it for you so you won’t have to then you’ve created a life that has earned by default (might I add) a multi-million dollar business or initiative. Because hot digital products can have a massive impact on people’s lives, don’t just sell but sell well. The more pressing the need, the greater the opportunity for impact. The greater the reward.

Massive Impact is Massive Rewards…Monetarily Speaking. 🙂


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