The Power of Choice: Embracing Confidence and Fearlessness for Greatness

Dr. Dennis Kimbro wrote a book a few years ago called “What Makes the Great-Great”. While it sounds like a question, it’s an absolute assertion, in that lets us know that the most famous people we know all innately knew of their greatness. Even without knowing it.   

We came across that meme last week that was featured as our motivation from a few weeks back which brings us here. The title may have caught your eye but I got it it meant I’m here to talk about you period because I respect you I’ll talk about you to your face. I’m here to fill your head not with visions of grandeur, but with what you need to know. You’re probably coming because of the title. But why would you do that? Could it be because that’s what you were tracked the thing that is in you?  

If you’re looking for greatness you’ve already found it period it’s on the other end of that selfie. It’s in the mirror that reflects back at you period you get reminders every once and again from characters like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz and even the old man and old woman in the Expedia commercials the key is you the answer is you. What makes the great great it’s what’s already in them. You may have read our article on If not we’d appreciate it if you look at it but since you’re here would just like to compartmentalize a few things cuz you don’t have all day to great things have things to do. The great ones at things to do. But I just want to share three items for your consideration one choose to be confident. Don’t waste time. And fear not.  

These things seem simple and of course, they are easier said than done period or are they? A lot of things we say are easier said than done but that’s only because we don’t want to do them period I am a witness. But what I will say is this whether you’re a business owner passerby daily worker full-timer boss-babe order and Dom of queen bees everyone can apply this to their lives both professionally and personally  because life is not about being broken into pieces but what those compartmentalize pieces make the whole person. And all of creation is confident. Look at the trees they don’t need you they don’t need to be counseled or Affirmed they are Majestic in and of themselves and quite frankly they don’t care about you.

But to be confident you do just that you’ve got to come to yourself you have to talk to cheer up and reinforce yourself with every good thing it is that you know about yourself it’s no mistake most of us have to look ourselves in the face in the morning you might as well and all of your morning ugly see something beautiful about yourself like that power that got you up this morning.  

Next don’t waste time. One thing I can answer to that is worrying about things that are seemingly beyond your control. The secret is whatever it is you think it is right or wrong that’s what it is for you so if you choose to see the glass and see rather than full or even going to get a picture and stand at the river that is your choice.  

And finally fear not…in other words…don’t worry about anything fear is an awful thing it is dripping people to do silly things even deadly things period We Fear because we don’t show up trust in our truest self. If you will person of Faith you don’t believe what it is that you’re sold knows it’s true what your soul knows is that it’s all going to be fine but your solos is that in three weeks you’re probably not even going to remember this in 3 months you’re probably not even going to care in other words this too shall pass it’s not about the situation it’s about how you handle yourself in the situation period and believe it or not most of the adversity that comes it shows up to show you how great you really are so want to be great go through something one of the Great learn how not to waste time want to be great stop being scared want to be great be confident in yourself excellence like greatness is not a skill it’s a choice choose today to recognize that you are great.  

It’s not a lie period it’s not a psych-out. It’s a reminder Suze Orman used to say in closing out her presentation that God creator of the universe The Alpha y Omega, The One Who does all things well, put himself in of a place where he can never be lost: That place is in you. So man, woman, chile pls: you’re not just GOOD! You’re great, you just didn’t know. Know you do! And since you can’t unknow what you know, (it’s not a word for a reason)…Get to know and embrace your greatest self now I know we’re not supposed to say this because it sounds different saying it but you need to pound this out so I’ll leave you with this hashtag pound you got this you next! 

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