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Personal Branding for Service Pros & Creatives



You've seen us on Wait-A-Minute Daily. Now follow along with as we walk you through building your own personal brand. Personal branding can increase not only visibility in your market, but new audiences, partners and clients. 

+ Daily Slide Decks for Quick Reference
+ Full course with extended insights (Video/Audio), 12 Modules
+ Workbook w/Daily Checklists
+ Daily Direct Q&A Sessions Just-In-Case
+ Special Pricing for Booked, Banked & Busy Consultation (limited-time offer)
+ BONUS CONTENT, Coming May 2, 2022


Have you been looking for an outlet to build your personal brand, but were not sure how to do it without breaking the bank?

Professionals, creatives and entrepreneurs are some of the most undervalued marketing investments for businesses. Which is why their personal branding often falls by the wayside. The old adage never underestimate marketing couldn't be more relevant than it is now. So whether you're looking to become a recognized expert in your field or just gain more clients on your own dime, taking the time to invest in your personal branding will make all the difference.

Leverage LinkedIn/Social Media: Personal Branding for Service Pros & Creatives.
This course will teach you how to quickly and effectively create a PERSONAL BRAND on professional social media sites to start getting more attention, landing more gigs, sales and even sponsors and partnerships.

Brandy L., STYLIST

My business has completely turned around by working with ECMG Creative. I literally went from $0 in my account to $232,000
in SIX months! 

Miriah Ellis, DIRECTOR

I tripled my income working with Tonia & her team while homeschooling my kids, traveling the world, up-leveling my bankable business mindset AND attract clients I truly enjoy working with.

Javier F., FITNESS

Tonia taught me how to expand and embrace my bankability, to love serving with integrity, master sales and enjoy the process of increasing sales with my brand.

Delilah K., Spa Owner

My brand is clarity above all else. The workflows, handouts, insights and resources are amazing, After the class you just want to get it done. It works.


The market is busy, saturated with competitors vying for your attention.
What could you do if you had the power to stay on top of your game, ahead of trends and primed for opportunity?

Well luckily for you, now there's Leverage. Leverage Linkedin for Personal Branding for Service Pros & Creatives  gives you access to a suite of tools that increase visibility, create an impactful brand identity and overall increases effectiveness when it comes to outreach. With this powerful set of tools at your disposal (tools which would usually cost thousands) you can cut the time it takes to grow your company in half or less.


+ Daily Slide Decks for Quick Reference
+ Full course with extended insights (Video/Audio), 12 Modules
+ Workbook w/Daily Checklists
+ Daily Direct Q&A Sessions Just-In-Case
+ Special Pricing for Booked, Banked & Busy Consultation (limited-time offer)


Here's what to expect on the other side of your purchase.

  • MODULE 1. Intro and How To Best Use
  • MODULE 2. Who This Is All For
  • MODULE 3. What's It All For
  • MODULE 4. What Is Personal Branding and Why It's Important
  • MODULE 5. The Data Always Have This Running In the Background
  • MODULE 6. Create a Strong Personal Brand
  • MODULE 7. Keep Your Profile Updated
  • MODULE 8. Leverage the Power of LinkedIn
  • MODULE 9. Personal Branding May Appear To Be Strategic
  • MODULE 10. Build Your Personal Brand Work With Us
  • MODULE 11. Work With Us—Code Update
  • BONUSES: Resources, Content and More (May 2022)


We religiously watch Tonia's daily minute and wanted to learn the entire process of personal branding, scoring an engaging audience interested in our business and FINALLY staying away from social media all day to do it. It's not just amazing content. It actually works!

Each week I watch the daily minute and this topic came up, I NEW I needed more! Signed up, and was actually surprised at how much detail and resources were available. If you don't plan on doing what you've learned don't waste your time. But if you do? This is for you, too.

To say my business needed this was an understatement. We were swamped in so many to-do lists, we were done. Just done. We watched the videos. mocked up the workbooks, did the work and started seeing results. Big takeaway: "You're never starting with nothing or from scratch—if you're clear."


There are no refunds issued for our offers—as they are digital access to our most coveted items. You'll also have access to our private groups and opportunity to individual benchmarking strategies.

Our offers include support, accountability and benchmarks; the keys necessary to make the greatest impact, truncating time and seeing results.

Yes, absolutely. The beauty of your purchase is you have lifetime-access. Meaning, once your files are updated you will be notified by email, text or live. 

No, the cost is the commitment. There are no shortcuts. Follow us across social & implement our free daily content to create the resources to invest, respectfully (it works when you work it).  🕊️ 

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